Episode 16 Live from Desoto BMX

February 2, 2019

We are out of the polar vortex and back in the beautiful Texas weather this episode! We talk with USABMX national coordinator Chris Luna, and former AA elite pro AJ Zabojnik! Thanks as always for listening, like and subscribe on youtube and we are also available on Podbean as well as Itunes.  


Episode 15 Live from Desoto BMX!

January 26, 2019

Hey Everybody! Come hang out with us on this fine Saturday night! We talk with two of the fast gals in the sport of BMX, Factory Alpha rider Alex Hill, and women elite pro Shealen Reno! Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel and as always thank you for listening! 


Episode 14 Live from Desoto BMX

January 20, 2019

We are back! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! The 2019 BMX season is upon us and we are excited to bring our first show of 2019! A Pro Damien Lacombe joins us as well as 7 time world champ Tom Tucker!  Don't forget you can check us out on Itunes, youtube, and podbean. Hit the like and subscribe! Thank you for your support! 


Episode 12 Live from Desoto BMX

December 16, 2018

Come hang out with us as we close out the last race of 2018!  Alec Bob was in the house and stopped by to talk to us about his year and his plans for 2019. We also checked in with 2018 Desoto BMX Premier rider Trinadee Stoflet, and Chris introduced the 2019 Premier riders for the track Thomas Sechrist and Jacelyn Reno! Thanks for listening and as always don't forget to hit like and subscribe! From the Chris' Corner crew we hope you have a blessed holiday season and we will see you soon! 


Episode 11 Live from Desoto BMX

December 8, 2018

Episode 11 is coming to you from Desoto BMX. It was day racing this week, DOUBLE POINTS! Lonestar BMX was in the house holding their double points race at Desoto.  We caught up with Lonestar BMX TO Tad Robertson to see what's new in San Antonio.  We also talk track building with Mike Mcintyre and get some insight on Houston, the NEW USABMX headquarters in Tulsa and much more.  Thanks as always for listening and don't forget to like and subscribe!  See ya next week!  


Episode 10 Live from Desoto BMX

December 3, 2018

WOW!! we are at Episode 10! Excited to be back under the Big top at Desoto BMX fresh off the grands! Tonight we caught up with Reed Neubauer, Mareck Backer, Crosby Backer, Brady Hamer after their BIG weekend at the grands! Also Mr. Scott Bauer stops by to talk about his new deal in 2019.  Thanks for listening and remember to click that like button and subscribe! 



November 22, 2018

Ladies and Gents IT DOESN'T GET ANY BIGGER THAN THIS! Listen in on Episode 9 live from the grands as we talk with TJ Johnson from Tangent (Teaser......some BIG news is released).  Also we talk with the man, the myth, the LEGEND Eric Grindle.  Don't forget to subscribe.  If you are at the Grands stop by and say hi! And grab a sticker! Take a sticker, tag em' up, take a pic and post it on Instagram. Be sure to Tag DesotoBMX in the post and we will be giving away an AWESOME prize on Sunday to the winner of the best post.  Thanks for listening and be blessed.


Episode 8 Live from Desoto BMX

November 11, 2018

Episode #8 Live from Saturday Night racing at Desoto BMX!  Listen in as we talk some racing and continue the countdown to the GREATEST RACE ON EARTH!  We talk with Holly Kesterson from the Houston Sports Commission about the new track, the logistics involved in the operation, the announcement of the 2019 Lonestar National, 2020 world championships and more!  Thanks for listening, remember to subscribe and we look forward to seeing everyone in 11 days!  Make sure you stop by and see us at the GRANDS!


Episode 7 Live From Desoto BMX

November 5, 2018

Tonight we are out at the track enjoying some awesome racing and watching some UFC fights! We got a chance to talk to Darin Burmeier, Chris Novy, Natalee Daugherty, and Dylan Wood! Thanks for tuning in and checking it out! Be sure to subscribe, and come say hello in 18 Days!! We will be set up at the Grands! Look forward to seeing everyone!


Episode 6 Live from Desoto BMX

October 21, 2018

Join us this week for Episode 6!  We are live from Desoto BMX on an awesome night of racing! Rider X is in the house, Tanner Sebesta stops by to talk about Grands and his plans for 2019.  Also Thomas Sechrist is in with some BIG news about his 2019 plans and hangs out to talk Grands and much more! Don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you think!